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Internship application

Internship Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Naomi's Village internship program. Completion of this written application is the first round of the application process.

Please complete this form thoroughly, thoughtfully, and authentically.

You may wish to type responses to questions that require more thought on a separate document where they can be saved, and copy/paste them into this form when you are satisfied with your response.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns. To learn more about Naomi's Village, please be sure to spend some time on

List all languages you speak and describe your proficiency (basic, moderate, advanced, fluent):

Medical and Emergency Contact Information

In order to fully consider your application to serve in rural Kenya for up to two months, it is important for us to have an understanding of your relevant medical history and needs. Your medical information will be kept confidential at all times.

Financial Information:

Education and Academic/Non-Academic Interests

Extended Answer Questions

Please answer each of the following questions thoughtfully in 150 words or less.

If you are selected to participate in the NV internship program, do you have any ideas of projects/areas of our ministry that you might be well-suited to assist in? Successful intern projects/placements in the past have included things such as organizing and creating a database for our school library, consistently shadowing our nurse, leading ongoing skills workshops for various sports or arts, and assisting in videography/photography.

Naomi's Village is a Christian ministry operating in a predominantly Christian community. During your time as an intern at Naomi's Village, you can expect to interact closely with and learn about Christianity. How do you feel about serving with a Christian organization? What is your personal experience with faith and religion?


Please choose two of the following four questions to answer thoughtfully in 600 words or less.

What unique background and life experience will you bring to the Naomi's Village internship program and to our community in Kenya? How will your unique perspectives contribute to and enrich your team of interns and the other short-term volunteers who will share the guesthouse with you during the summer?

The Naomi's Village internship program seeks to provide an opportunity for young people to grow and learn through a two month period of service and engagement with our ministry and community in Kenya. However, our deepest hope is that our interns will be motivated by their short period of service to pursue a long-term commitment to compassionate and sacrificial living. How do you anticipate that an internship at Naomi's Village might impact your future academic/career goals and lifestyle?

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