Eddy Ngugi

Eddy has learned some basic carpentry by watching his dad. He is thrilled to help with any job that requires a hammer and nails. Eddy is a soccer fanatic, and has big dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.

Eddy’s dad is a manual laborer, and his mom is a housewife. Eddy is the only child.


Your Sponsorship Provides:

  • -Regular medical evaluations and personalized health plan, including dental and vision care

  • -Nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, and two snacks ~6 days a week

  • -Excellent education with certified Kenyan teachers ~6 days a week

  • -Complete school uniforms, shoes, socks, and all necessary books and supplies

  • -Bus transport to and from school every day

  • -Enrichment through extra-curricular activities, including a 2 hour community outreach every Saturday

  • -Parental support from social workers, ensuring that each family's needs are known and met

  • -Classes for parents related to family health, hygiene, childhood development, and financial sustainability

  • -Spiritual care and development provided by a full time youth minister