COVID-19 Relief Fund

About COVID-19 Relief Fund

Thank you for considering a gift to our fundraising initiative to prepare Naomi’s Village and the Great Rift Valley for the coronavirus pandemic. While schools are closed, we will be using these funds to serve community families relying on Cornerstone Preparatory Academy and LEAP Preschool for food, water and employment.

Gifts given towards the Naomi’s Village COVID-19 Relief Fund will be used in the following ways :

- Planting crops on the acreage at Cornerstone Preparatory Academy in order to provide both food and employment for families
- Finishing the drilling of a new borehole for clean water for farming and drinking
- Providing health resources (hand sanitizer, soap and bleach) and health information to families in the Great Rift Valley
- Continuing to provide a high standard of education for Naomi’s Village Home children, as well as children from the community
- Offering spiritual and emotional support to our community families with weekly check-ins
- Continuing to employ as many Kenyans as possible throughout this crisis