Mary Nyambura

Mary is most content when she is helping with domestic chores, especially laundry and dishes. Imaginative play comes very easily to Mary, and she often pretends to be a chef. Mary has aspirations of becoming a doctor.

Mary’s dad is employed at the local butchery, and her mom does manual labor. Her younger sister Mary Wanjiku also attends Cornerstone. Mary is the third of five children in the family.


Your Sponsorship Provides:

  • -Regular medical evaluations and personalized health plan, including dental and vision care

  • -Nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, and two snacks ~6 days a week

  • -Excellent education with certified Kenyan teachers ~6 days a week

  • -Complete school uniforms, shoes, socks, and all necessary books and supplies

  • -Bus transport to and from school every day

  • -Enrichment through extra-curricular activities, including a 2 hour community outreach every Saturday

  • -Parental support from social workers, ensuring that each family's needs are known and met

  • -Classes for parents related to family health, hygiene, childhood development, and financial sustainability

  • -Spiritual care and development provided by a full time youth minister